Jonathan and his dog Shredder.

Hey! I'm Jonathan

I've been playing with Webflow for 4 years and meeting so many amazing people I wanted to celebrate their stories


Webflowers are special people. The kindness, compassion, and love that the community has is infectious. Wherever Webflowers meet they bring their joy of life, share their struggles, and help each other. This podcast is a celebration of the life and work of Webflowers from all over the Earth.

Webflowers' Podcast

See that apostrophe? It's after the letter S. This podcast belongs to all Webflowers. From designers who started back in 2014, to people who dragged in their first Heading yesterday, this podcast is for you.


At the moment I'm working through a list of people I met through Twitter and Facebook groups, spending a little time getting to know them better.

Website design

The initial idea for the design for the website came from an art intervention I did in Placa Europa, Barcelona on June 23 2014. It was called "How does your garden grow?"

When Ankita, our designer, started playing with ideas in Figma, she created the simple flower shapes you can on this site, and the "cut paper" style was born.

From there the story from the sky to the sea takes you on a nice little journey.

We'll keep tinkering with the site, adding interactions and cleaning up responsiveness as we go. If you have any ideas, let us know.

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